YummyPick Palestines finest restaurant review guide

header-logoAre you a restaurant fanatic? Do you travel the globe searching out the next culinary delight? Well do we have a surprise in store for you. YummyPick.com is a high end restaurant search and Restaurant Reviews site which lists all of the best restaurants in areas such as Palestine, Jerusalem, Bethlehem and other surrounding areas and cities.In today’s world where technology is at the forefront of evolution it can be a little difficult to find what you’re looking for in an industry that is littered with ‘search sites’. Thankfully YummyPick stands heads and shoulders above the rest with a clean smooth design and a site that is so easy to navigate my 2 year old could find us a fantastic restaurant using it.

Thankfully YummyPick doesn’t only cover restaurants but everything that is nightlife related in Palestine and surrounding areas they cover all the options such as having a relaxing cup of coffee in a café, or eating in the best local restaurant which serves up mouth watering Middle Eastern Food, YummyPick has it all, even if you’re just looking for a drink in a local bar, they have you covered! The site is a social driven review site, so this means other people that have been to these establishments are able to review on all aspects of their nightout, the review system is based on stars which allows the customer to leave a detailed text review with a star rating to accompany it, this is fantastic as it weeds out so many ‘fake’ reviews that are online, which are often placed by the ‘not so good’ establishments themselves.


They have also helpfully broken down the site into easily navigable categories such as: A full listing of all the available eateries in the Palestine and surrounding areas , these also includes full pictures of the interior and exterior of the said establishment and the address so you can easily find it. This is great as it gives you a good idea of the interior you’ll be visiting and of course the reviews tell more.



Whether it’s a quiet drink your looking for or a good knee’s up night out, YummPick has it all.







Night Clubs

It’s always good to know more about the club you’re going to instead of wandering the streets and landing up in a dodgy establishment. They have all of the best clubs listed.

Night Clubs


If you are a coffee lover, you shouldn’t miss the cafés in Ramallah, Bethlehem, and Jericho. You can find beautifully roasted coffee over these places. It is better to get some ideas from yummypick.com before you head out that way.


Fast Food

We all love a bit of fast food on the go, and what better place to search for local and international fast foods establishments. They have all the tastiest listed.


So there you go. YummyPick is taking the local restaurant scene by storm. So why no visit them today and see how they can help you. You can also read more about them on their social media pages such as facebook and twitter.

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