The best Champagnes to gift to your friends and family


One of the best ways to show your appreciation for a friend or member of your family is to send Champagne gift. This legendary drink is a type of sparkling wine, made from grapes that have been grown in the Champagne region of France. Synonymous with wealth and luxury, there are not many people that would turn down a bottle or two as a gift!

While Champagne may have an association with having lots of money, buying Champagne gifts does not always have to break the bank. Due to the popularity of Champagne, there is a huge range of choices when considering your purchase. There is a also a wide variety of price points, so this article will cover the best Champagnes and sparkling wines that will suit your budget.


For those with a low budget, a sparkling wine is a better option than Champagne. Choosing a sparkling wine over Champagne does not necessarily mean taking a hit in quality. The only difference on paper is that the grapes come from somewhere that isn’t the Champagne region. Sparkling wines can often be over half the price of equivalent quality Champagnes, so it’s worth serious consideration. A great low budget, sparkling wine under $15 is the Workhorse Sparkling Chenin Blanc. With strong, lemon tones and a refreshing fizz, it is a perfect sparkling wine for a hot summer. If your friends complain about receiving this as a gift, it could be the friends that are the problem as opposed to the wine!

At a medium budget, you can start to look into proper Champagnes for gifting. With real Champagne, you can almost always be guaranteed a satisfying, delicious drink, although some are better than others. A fantastic option that falls under $40 is the De Saint Gall Blanc de Blancs Premier Cru NV. This is a very rich-tasting Champagne that has a tropical bouquet. A mature and full-flavoured bottle, this will appease all but the most expert Champagne lovers.

With a budget of $80 or more, the world of Champagne gifting really opens up. At this price point lies some of the most complex, rich Champagnes on the market. A perfect example of this is the Veuve Clicquot Yellow Lavel Brut NV. This is a blend of fifty different grape varieties, with a multifaceted flavour and strong, fruity aroma. Champagnes at this price generally come with their own stylistic packaging, perfect for that special gift.

In the Champagne market, there is no limit to what you can potentially spend. With a luxury budget, you can buy some of the finest bottles of Champagne in the world. At about $400, a bottle of Bollinger Ay Vielles Vignes Francaises Blanc de Noirs is a true extravagance, reserved only for very special events like weddings. However, for the price you get a tour-de-force of flavour. An extremely flavoursome, full-bodied Champagne, the Bollinger is likely to be the best drink you’ll ever taste, with just one sip making you feel like royalty!