Sweet Unique Candy

candyUnique candy which is prepared from rich concentration of sugar and other sweet ingredients was not sweet from the starting. During the medieval period, the candy was mere a medicine which was used as the digestive aid or for other health issues. Later on, the mass production of candy made it popular among the people and was started to be a digestive aid with different tastes. Still, it was a thing that only wealthy people could afford. Gradually, the mass production techniques made it so cheap that it was distributed among people at very nominal price, thus, giving rise to a new trend of sweet candy.


The candy, which was made during the medieval period, was made up of spices and sugar combination. Commonly, cloves, ginger, aniseed, juniper berries and almonds were used with melted sugar to prepare a candy which was added with natural color for making it attractive. Later on, the concentration of spices was reduced to make it cheaper. Also, people, mainly kids, started loving the candy that was sweet. This was a knock of a new era of sweet candy which evolved into a large branch of applied chemistry after a few years. Today, it has taken the form of a wide range of sweets including candy, chocolates and so on.