Silhouette Cameo Cutter

IMG_8484You’re a cake artist and you’ve just been commissioned to do a massive multi tiered cake structure, it may sound daunting when you’re given the task as the time involved to decorate and paint the cake could take days and days and costs 100’s of dollars in hours of labour. Thankfully there are great solutions out there such as the  silhouette-cameo-cutter . This machine is designed to do one job and that’s reduce the hours needed to make elaborate cakes and decorations, the money you spend on the machine will be saved ten fold in clawed back work costs.

It is an electronic cutting machine adapted for use with cake mediums. It is used to cut out designs from a bunch of different mediums such as icing sheets, fondant, gum paste and modelling chocolate. No matter how elaborate the designs are this machine will be able to make it perfectly just the way you want it done. With a few press of the buttons and some pretty basic input commands you are able to make the most wonderful cakes for any occasions that would make the receiver the talk of the party. So go ahead and invest in one today and see how you can help you business.