New potatoe species soon to be available

potatoeFor all the potatoe lovers out there. STOP the press! We have some breaking news for you. After years of research and development and large funding, geneticists at Terry Brand farms believe they have discovered a new form or type of potatoe. Early reports are saying that this new species is said to closely resemble the current red potatoe type which is currently commonly available. The up side : It’s said to be a lot sweeter and is able to reach full maturity much quicker than current potatoe types are able to, this is fantastic news as it means that in developing countries where food is an issue they should be able to produce the staple food much quicker than previously.


This project was borne out  frustration from the company owner Terry Brand, he was becoming increasingly frustrated with the turnaround time it took to get his crop to full maturity. The overall goal was to increase the availability of this staple food around  the world. If the reports are true then this could truly be ground breaking for world hunger and food shortage problems. We will be keeping a close eye on these developments and we wish Terry and his team all the best with this fantastic project!