Indian Cooking Pan – Old Tradition in Modern Kitchen


Indian cooking pan is specially designed to make oily and spicy food. The pan can also be used to deep fry fish. Indian cooking pan has a rounded base and riveted handle so that we can cook vegetarian and non vegetarian food with a lot of spices in it. The riveted handle gives more flexibility to the cook. Before cooking something in it you need to wash the Cooking Pan thoroughly to remove manufacturer’s protective oil & rust. You also need to dry the cooking pan so that it becomes more easy for the cooking oil to be heated in it .Overtime the  external surfaces of the  Indian cooking pan will begin to peel away. It’s ok because some manufacturers use protective layer for safe transit. karahi shop stocks some of the best quality Indian cooking pans you’ll find.

Traditional Indian food requires an oil pool at the bottom of the Indian Cooking Pan for deep-fat frying. The food items are deeply fried in the cooking oil (mostly coconut oil) one after the other and after cooking it would take a hour or to cool down. The used oil can be then disposed and the Indian Cooking Pan can be cleaned with mild detergent and hot water. You should never use an abrasive cleanser to scrub and clean the Indian cooking pan because it can damage the seasoned surface.