Important tips on how to clean a pasta roller

pastaIf you are planning to clean your pasta roller, below mentioned are few steps that you must be conscious of. This would make your device to stay at their optimal condition and help you in creating the delicious meal of past without exerting much of effort:

1. The initial most things that you require to do is setting the pasta roller with front plate and making sure that it is thickest setting.

2. Remove all the screws and for this you may use the small for removing screws in side cover of machine. Then loose the 2 nuts with a twist. It is to evade rusting of metals hence you can maintain the clean outcome. Furthermore, flip down your machine over and then use right screwdriver to remove the screws which holds the footplate in the machine. Set footplate off from the side and also place your machine with adjuster downside table.

3. The next step which you should follow is to take off guards on top and to remove the scraper blades. So, it must be simple to remove blades after removing side plates. Then you should wipe and clean the side plate by pushing grease on surface of plates in roller hole.

4. Wisely remove the blades scraper and wipe them with a clean cloth. You may also use the paper for cleaning the machine inside.