Greek Cookbook – Collection of wonderful Recipes

Greek cookbookThe wonderful book of Mediterranean recipes is just astounding which offers recipes those are mainly focusing on quite authentic and genuine traditional as well as healthy Greek dishes for Mediterranean Diet. The Greek cookbook consists of simple to follow recipes along with lots of great resolution of dishes photos, providing all delicious flavors of Cyprus and which will be yours to relish in just few minutes of preparation.


The recipes mainly feature fresh as well as healthy food ingredients. However, Mediterranean Diet permits you to make the tasty meals with less quantity of carbohydrates as well as fats, but these dishes are full of vitamins and nutrients. Few of these recipe selections mainly consist of the Salads and the appetizers such as Dakos which is the Cretan salad or Melitzanosalata which is the eggplant dip as well as Saganaki which is the fried yellow cheese. These dishes also include soups such as Fasolada which is the traditional Greek soup and Avgolemono it is the Greek chicken soup, as well as Kremydosoupa which is the delicious onion soup. The Green cookbook also includes main dishes such as Aubergine which is made of eggplant and Bacalhau which is made from fish croquettes and Gyros which is the meat sandwich and Moussaka it is the eggplant casserole, as well as Pastitsada which is exclusive Sunday casserole. These dishes also include desserts such as Baklava made from nut pastry and honey, Melomakarona which is made from honey macaroons as well as Milopita which is the wonderful apple pie.