Fresh Pasta is Better than Dried Pasta

freshFresh pasta is out of this world and if you have never had homemade pasta then you are truly missing out. There are many different reasons that fresh pasta is better than buying the dried pasta you find in the store. One of the obvious reasons is taste. There is a big difference in taste as you go from fresh to dried pasta that is noticeable. Sometimes the dried pasta has the taste of the box or may feel like it is not as appealing as it should be. Fresh pasta will melt in your mouth and has a nice and rich egg flavor that you will absolutely die for. Homemade pasta accompanied by a homemade sauce is heavenly and will tempt your taste buds for days.

So why choose fresh pasta, instead of dried pasta?

One of the many reasons to choose fresh pasta is because it actually takes less time to cook. Since the noodles are not dried, they do not need to spend a lot of time in the pot and can be ready in just a few minutes depending on which type of pasta you have. There will be no more waiting 10-15 minutes for your pasta to cook which is perfect if you are on a schedule. All you have to do is boil some water, put the noodles in the water, and wait two or three minutes, and you can have an entire meal ready to go! This also works for family night dinners when you just need something fast!

Another reason fresh pasta is highly desired over traditional dried pasta is because it is fresh. The fresh taste of local ingredients is not something that you can get anywhere. Handmade pasta is typically made with farm fresh eggs and also water which gives it a nice and smooth flavor that is highly desired. Without the addition of high calorie preservatives and dried durum wheat, you can enjoy fresh pasta that made with proper ingredients.

fresh2You will also find that fresh pasta does not have the same slimy and sticky feeling that boxed pasta does. As you cook fresh pasta, it does not stick and clump together in hard globs like some of the boxed pasta does. Your fresh pasta will also not have the slimy or stuck together feeling after cooking it either. The noodles will come from the water right into the sieve, and then directly onto the plate. You don’t need to rinse them or anything else, just heat and serve! The noodles will be melt in your mouth tender and ready for you to eat.

Fresh pasta comes in any variety of shapes and sizes ranging from spaghetti to fettuccini all the way to penne, linguine and raviolis. Start using fresh pasta in your home today and order a batch or two to see why is making a difference in the way that they make pasta.

Order your fresh pasta today and sit down to a heavenly nighttime dish of spaghetti and meat sauce!