Film catering London

caterThe set of a film can be a chaotic place, trying to organise the chaos can be incredibly frustrating and we doubt the last thing on your mind is organising the catering. However, if you fail to bring in the food and drinks for the actors and staff, you may just make everyone a little upset as their hunger makes their mood irritable and the lack of energy eventually affects everyone on set, slowing production.

Make sure that you have the best film catering London has to offer and keep your staff and actors well fed and well fuelled for the work ahead. While catering is essential to your set, let’s take a look a the 5 worst catering decisions you can make.

Serving alcohol on set

Save the drinks for the wrap party when the film is in the can. Having booze available on set can run riot with your production team, the last thing you want is one of the actors or the director getting drunk on set and then ruining the shot that has taken hours to set up. Alcohol is fun and no stranger to sets of movies , just keep it for when the work is done and the responsibilities are lifted.


Don’t be thrifty with the food choices

It’s possible to save a lot of money buying the cheaper brands of foods for the crew and the actors, however, to many low-quality brands and products will give the crew and cast a sense that the budget may be under pressure or that you think they are not worthy of decent foodstuffs. If you feed them cheap food, they are most likely going to give you a cheap looking film. Make sue you balance the lower quality purchases with high-quality ones as well.

Not planning ahead

If you fail to plan correctly, then chances are that you are going to run out of food at some stage during the shoot. This is a catastrophe that can easily cater3be averted with a little foresight and planning. Make sure that you take into account all of the staff, crew, and cast and then allocate the correct funding to the catering budget to cover everyone.

Poor budget planning

Filmmakers can get so wrapped up in their productions that they do not want to concern themselves with the ‘details’ of feeding the cast and crew. Instead, common practice is to allocate a flat daily rate to the catering budget. This usually ends up with the budget being inadequate to cover the entire shoot, resulting in no catering for the last day or two of the shoot. There is nothing more frustrating for crew and cast than working a full day, only to find there is no food for them to have a meal after a long day. Make sure that you allocate the correct budget to your production and keep everyone happy.

Relying on snacks

Everyone loves snacks on set. Beef jerky, crackers, cheeses, and crisps are all great to have but don’t expect it to be the only food available on set for cast and crew. If you do not have a decent meal ready for them or a buffet of some sort, you may find they get rather upset when they were expecting a full meal and all they have are snacks.


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