Dona Paula Winery

wineThere is no doubt that Dona Paula truly believes to produce best kind of wine, they also need best kind of vineyards. They even have the four vineyards in entire area of Mendoza such as Alluvia, Los Indios, El Alto as well as Los Cerezos. It is superb wine that is usually made from the four vineyards of Mendoza. Here grapes for the wine are well harvested between end of the March and also starting of the month of April. These are also handpicked, and start with the cold as well as pre-fermentation of the maceration. This is also quite essentially the cold soak which also doesn’t use any kind of alcohol for the purpose of extraction. It enables the aromas as well as the flavors to get preserved. On the other hand, the flavor as well as the coloring is completely distinctive. Though, color is quite deep purple that is bordering on the violet. Moreover there is also a wonderful aroma of the berries as well as the black cherries along graphite. Also, the wine has completely great acidity along with the distinctly long kind of the finish, one of those even marks of the great wine. Such kind of the wine is mainly the flagship from estate and it is also often considered as one of the finest Malbec of Argentina.



Estate Malbec’s Dona Paula

The grapes for the Dona Paula wine are well harvested from Los Indios as well as Alluvia. Harvesting is basically done from the first week of the month of April. Both the vineyards exist in Uco Valley that offers the unique kind of flavors to wine. Moreover, vineyard of Dona Paula uses the cold and the pre-fermentation for their wines. Subsequent to the fermentation, the post-fermentation is also performed prior to the wine that is well allowed to some of the age for about 10 months. This deep and the violet as well as the awesome aroma of the black fruits as well as violet flowers also bring the graphite as well as the mineral note to wine. Now, Dona Paula wine would certainly leaves the most persistent kind of the finish at the time of tasting.


Paula Malbec

Such kind of harvest for the wine happens at the Lujan de Cuyo for about two weeks in March. Such kind of the wine follows few others in the process of pre-fermentation and also in the process of post-fermentation. Secondary process usually lasts for one week and also half to about 15 days. It also has the specific and spicy kind of the aroma and also some purplish as well as red color. This is mainly regarded as soft tasting as well as the well-balanced through the notes of the red fruits as well as herbs when the color as well as the aroma is completely intense. For more information please visit Dona Paula Malbec

wine4Apart from the Malbec’s, even Dona Paula makes a complete choice of the white wines that includes Paula Sauvignon Blanc as well as Estate Chardonnay. The small selection about the Pinot Noir, the Cabernet Sauvignon as well as Syrah is even able to made most famous blends is Estate of Malbec Syrah.

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