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Arments Pie & Mash

armentsWho doesn’t like a good pie and mash? On a cold winters day or at the dinner table with family and friends with a good cider or beer a pie always goes down well! London is the traditional home of the Pie and it’s no wonder then that the majority of the best shops are based in London including the world famous Arments Pie & Mash.

What makes them so special you ask? Well quite simply over the years Arments have been trying to create the perfect tasting Pie and Mash but with much healthier contents, don’t worry you don’t lose the taste! In fact some say they even taste better, what you do benefit from though because the pies themselves are not fried and this means a lot less transient fat, in other words a healthier slimmer you!  Arments are so good that they have even received a b...

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