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Marron1Are you looking to try a confectionary that is exotic, with a rich tradition and culture behind it? Turkey is home to a master-class recipe for the finest confectionary experience you will ever have! Marron glace is the name bestowed on this Turkish dish that delights the taste buds and the senses.

Marron glace is made from carefully selected chestnuts which are then prepared in a variety of delicious recipe’s that taste absolutely divine. Candied chestnuts bathed and then glazed in a sugar syrup. Marrons glaces are the perfect confectionary for any dinner party, or even just lying on the couch and having a tasty treat while enjoying a movie.

Spoil yourself with Marron glace and other fine chestnut products such as chestnut puree, chestnut cream and chestnut syrup are amongst the wonderf...

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