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How to Get Out Of the Clutches of Food Addiction for Good

food_addiction_cover_New_for_Kindle_Petra_Ortiz_JPGHas life taken a strange turn for you and you have suddenly realised that you have an unfortunate food addiction, perhaps it’s something that has crept up over time and you’re only aware of it now, or perhaps you’ve now decided it’s the best time to make a positive change in your life. Either way, eating and staying healthy is one of the best things we can do for our body, this means eating the right amounts of the correct vitamin and protein rich foods. Unfortunately due to to the avilibilty of fast foods and junk food the world’s population is getting more obese as the years go by, just remember it’s never to late to stop your addiction and get on the path to recover. There are so many diet fads out there that it can be difficult in choosing the right one for yourself and your body...

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