A wonderful design is certainly important to create awesome projects. However, more than this, we also believe on the fact that simplicity has an ability to add many feelings to any kind of design.  The Cachaça are exclusively made in the simple lines with the help of black as well as white colors as well as also inspired by the Scandinavian art as well as the movement of Minimalism. At the same time, Nordic school also showed us some of the qualities that may also be felt well rounded and also traits of full-bodied. We are also highly passionate about such kind of style and so we bring them the product.


Moreover the term minimalism is even used when describing about the trend in the field of architecture that every element as well as detail serve for the multiple with the visual as well as functional purposes along with the according to architect.

The official blog is now here! The lovely space where you can share the ideas as well as follow the cachaça around the world, what we will be doing, drinking as well as mixing.

We even have working very hard to make the cachaça Bartolomeu known for worldwide as well as also appreciated as the drink and also ingredient of caipirinha.


it’s no wonder that the refreshing caipirinha is the national cocktail of Brazil. There is quite a few variations of caipirinha, which basically makes it nothing more than a lime juice screwdriver. In Brazil fruits are abundant so there is many passion fruit caipirinha seems to be a popular choice. So, whether you are watching the Summer Olympics it would be unwise to skip this magnificent cocktail.