Avoid bad breath causing food

onionThe most embarrassing things which people ever experience are to have the smelly breath. Now, just imagine that what will other people feel when they will meet a person who have smelly breath. So, to prevent the smelly breath from coming, people must at least have the idea about the various bad breath causes. There are different causes of bad breath that people need to be aware about it if they really want to get free from the smelly breath.

The food which generally people eat is the main cause of bad breath, specifically ones which have the strong odors such like those which are filled with the onions, garlic and other spices. The strong smell which is coming from such ingredients are generally stored in lungs when the food gets digested and when it is absorbed in bloodstream and it can be really smelled from breath of any person. It may just take many hours before foul scent gets disappeared and flossing and mouthwash will just remove smell for the time being. Not just this, but even the poor dental hygiene is also one major cause of the smelly breath which truly affects many people. So, it is suggested that regular brushing, flossing and using the mouthwash are needed to keep the bad bacteria from creating along teeth, gums and tongue.

On the other hand, there are few instances where people generally get tired of doing such routines particularly when they are very busy in their work. It is also one instance of the bad breath. Other causes may be smoking cigars as well as cigarettes and even by chewing the tobacco. Moreover, the periodontal or the gum disease is also other cause of bad breath. Building up of the Plaque on teeth also causes the toxins to get accumulated in mouth which then triggers irritation on gums.