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Benefits of Juicing

sunflowerThere are many people who are living busy life today, the utilization of sugar and fat loaded processed and fast foods has turn into the norm. No doubt then that we observe a huge part of the world population who are suffering from fatness. Even problems such as heart ailments, diabetes, and cancer have been on the increase. In case you are bothered about your health and wish to change to a healthy choice, make fresh vegetable and fruit juices an essential part of your routine diet. With a complete list that indicates benefits of juicing, you are in no doubt to reap the advantages and get pleasure from life to the best! To find out more visit Sunflower Press


In case you want to understand more about the advantages of juicing, here are some main points to keep in mind:

  1. At start, juices...
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Wireless Heated Mug – You know you want one.

You’ve just made a cup of fresh coffee and sat down at your desk, the dreaded call comes from a colleague! “Can you help me for a minute”  All thoughts of a fresh hot cup of coffee fly out the window and your begrudgingly walk across to help.  Of course you’re cursing at how you’re going to have to make another cup now. Wait! What if there was a way you could keep your cup constantly warm!

Thankfully there is, the geniuses at Wireless heated mug have invented the perfect device!

Nano Heated Mug that keeps your hot beverages at the ideal drinkable temperature for 45 mins and keeps charge for 7+ refills

They’ve combined technology with an everyday necessity and are now looking to bring this hot product to the market! How can you get your hands on one you ask? Easy!  Pop along to ...

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Tiffin Service

TiffinTigerA5AdvertAre you fed up of cooking every night?

Do you want great tasting Indian food delivered fresh to you door everyday? that’s nutritious, delicious and affordable !!

Then Call Tiffin Tiger !!!

We deliver home cooked lunches and dinners to your home or office.

For just £3.75 TIFFIN TIGER will deliver a complete meal consisting of Dhal, Sabzi, Rice and 3 fresh roti’s. You can also choose a non-veg menu everyday.

So what you waiting for? Stop cooking and start enjoying our food.

Call 0208 144 1223 or visit us at

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