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Lorentto Woodfire Pizza at Bondi

Lorentto Woodfire Pizza at BondiIt is generally seen that people love to enjoy and relish the junk food and among them Pizzas are highly popular and loved by the food eaters. So, if you are craving for great as well as the delightful Italian along with the Pizza dining experience, then you may always come to the Lorentto Woodfire Pizza at Bondi where you will get a great variety and taste available for the pizza lovers. This is basically located at the Bondi road, Bondi in the New South Wales. There you can also find the extensive wide as well as diverse array of the delicious and even the mouth watering Pizza specialties like the Napolitana, Chilli Prawns, and even our speciality Lorentto Signature pizza. You will also get toenjoy the Gourmet Meat Pizza thatalso includes Prosciutto, Milano, Paradiso and even Lamb Pizza...

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Wood fire ovens and recipes

wood fireBack in the times before gas grilling and electric stoves, the surest way to cook food was over an open flame. Once the cavemen discovered fire, they realized that meat and other foods tasted better after being heated and our love affair with all things cooking never ceased.

As technology advanced and easier methods of cooking appeared, the open flame method has slowly dissipated. Or has it? Wood fired ovens have been making a comeback lately, and are being heralded as a natural, tasty way to make food like our forefathers. Not sure what a wood fired oven actually is? Let’s find out!

The idea for a wood fired oven is simple: it’s a brick enclosure that can be installed outside or inside, featuring a dome-shaped oven and a pit in which the wood goes to woodfire2heat the food...

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Find the perfect deep fryer

deep fryerHaving a Deep Fryer in your kitchen is a must today. Bt before you buy, you need to make yourself aware of the features of these deep fryers. Below are some of the features that should be considered if you want to select the best deep fryers.

  1. The Size: When you are looking to purchase the deep fryer you need in your kitchen, you should always look for the correct size. Many deep fryers come with two cup or a three cup sizing. These models are not sufficient if you have a big family; you will require a deep fryer with at least 8 cups.
  1. Temperature Control: In a deep fryer, you fry many types of foods. Depending on these, the temperature needs to be adjusted accordingly...
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